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Everyday beauty in the trend restaurant

Formex trend restaurant created by Rad o Rand

In recent years, Formex Trend Restaurant in Hall B has become more and more popular. This year’s restaurant, which is the largest yet with more than 200 seats, has been created by designer and stylist Rad o Rand.

It depicts this year’s theme, Nordic Space, in an exhibition featuring select products from the fair in both its interior and, naturally, its menu. “When I create exhibitions, I often start by creating a model. For the Trend Restaurant, I imagined a Nordic feel with a lot of wood and natural materials,” explains Jan Rundgren.

“Colors have been very strong for the past few years, and I wanted to tone it down a little. There is so much expression everywhere else during the fair.”

The restaurant opens up toward the exhibitions and stands in the area. The cozy, embracing nature of this year’s theme is reflected in the boxes that frame the exhibition. It is also possible to find a quieter place to sit; Jan has created 16 squares, small rooms within the room, where two people can sit and eat. For the exhibition, products have been selected that in different ways reflect the Nordic Space theme.

“The inner room, for example, can be about the things we have closest to us; the things we use every day. Everyday beauty. The menu also has a Nordic flair that is influenced by seasonal ingredients. The concept follows the strong trend of the past few years to include more vegetarian alternatives.”

“It is a good time of the year to create a menu, what with all the newly harvested vegetables. There will be a large table for side dishes, like a harvest buffet, where guests choose the side dish for their main entrée. Even if you do not eat meat, it will be a wonderful meal.”

Stand: B19:20