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Bodily exhibition in the entrance hall

Malin Marceau is a designer at Stockholmsmässan and part of the team behind Nordic Space.
“The exhibition is about being cozy and embracing; about forms that in different ways relate to our relationship with our own bodies,” says Malin Marceau about Nordic Space.

We are creating an exhibition in the fair’s Entrance Hall - a place to sit down for a moment, find some quiet, help us focus and open our senses to everything that is happening in the halls.

“We have worked a lot with round shapes. There are two circular podiums, round shapes hanging above us and round shapes to sit on and be embraced by. We are using a pink-red color scale that meets mint and earthy tones.”

So, what is the experience offered by the exhibition?
“We hope that visitors will be drawn into the installation and experience it from the inside - not just look at it. The idea is that it will be imaginative and of the body; that it will feel natural. We will work with tactile features, such as warm or soft elements, to gain additional dimensions,” says Malin Marceau.