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Be inspired by the artists behind Formex’s Layout exhibition

The Formex interior design fair, which will be held January 17-20, 2018, has given designer and exhibition architect Synnöve Mork the assignment to design an exhibition in Stockholmsmässan’s entrance hall that inspires and educates. The exhibition will be a collaboration between several artists, each of whom will present their own interpretation.

The exhibition’s vision is to give visitors some insight into how artists, stylists, interior designers and designers work. Three artists have been invited to create the actual content: Cilla Ramnek, Saša Antić and Tina Hellberg. They have been allocated equally large spaces that all have the same layout. The artists will fill and stage these spaces using their own choice of products, materials, colors and forms. The exhibition will thus show widely different interpretations and expressions of Formex’s theme, A World of Shapes.

“It is exciting to create something together with others, to reconcile the knowledge of different people and present the results it in a shared exhibition. I want to offer visitors insight into how choices and compositions affect the environment the artists create. It gives visitors an opportunity to learn and be inspired by them,” says Synnöve Mork.

Synnöve Mork works primarily with patterns for textile productions and as an exhibition architect for companies, stores, trade shows and museums. Her passion for form, spaces, patterns and structures in balance means that visitors can expect something completely new at the fair.

Layout, which is my name for the exhibition, refers to the graphic design of physical objects. My Layout is a plan, sketch and disposition of space,” says Synnöve Mork.

Cilla Ramnek is a multi-artist who moves freely between very different areas and always with a focus on materialized art. She designs, teaches, styles, guides, creates interiors and curates exhibitions.

Saša Antić is an interior stylist and set designer with the world as his office. His clients include IKEA, H&M Home, Design House Stockholm, Miele and Elle Decoration.

Tina Hellberg is a stylist who focuses on interior design and conceptual installations. Her clients include ELLE Decoration, IKEA, Bolon, tile industry magazine Lera, Swedese and H&M Home.