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Man Kind Bar at Formex

For the first time Formex have an exhibition with exclusively products aimed for the design-interested male consumer.

More and more products are being designed with men’s shopping power in mind, including décor, technology, sound, and light for the perfect smart home. Even modern exercise equipment has gotten a brand new, masculine look: marble dumbbells, rowing machines in teak, or exercise products decked out in Harris Tweed. The reality is that men spend just as much money on skin and hair products as women. The man with the perfectly trimmed beard and that soft aroma of cologne has at least as many products in his bathroom cabinet.

For the “The Man Kind Bar” exhibition, the stylist Jan Rundgren assembled all kind of products for the design-savvy, male consumer. Be inspired to your boutique with products for men ranging from male grooming to functional-driven minimalist design. The bar serves Swedish pintxos, as well as useful and innovative "mocktails" for both him and he

Welcome to the inspiring and healthy exhibition in Hall B, skål and ¡Buen apetito!