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Nordic Space consist of three different trends in collaboration with The Swedish Fashion Council.

Trend #1 – BODY COMFORT 6

Human design values are in focus and an almost bodily fascination with proportion, when voluminous and generous shapes take centre stage in our home.

Materials: Memory Foam, sheep Fur and terracotta.



Trend #2 – RAW LUXURY8

A dark, mystical and craft intensive theme. This autumn we dig deep into the black humus, our cultural heritage and traditional craft. We are fascinated by material and process, in an almost art-like fashion with dark and occult signs.

Materials: Burnt Wood, powder coated metal & quartz.



Trend #3 – CREATIVITYTrend10

Inspired by the everyday and simple materials are viewed in a new light, one man’s trash another man’s treasure.

Materials: Anodized Aluminium, cork & recycled Plastic