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Uminova eXpression - Young creative productions

Summer eXpression 2017 is a project that connects university students from arts programs with talented producers from the Umeå region.

Summer eXpression 2017 by Uminova eXpression, a business incubator within the cultural, artistic, and creative industries, owned by Umeå University and the Umeå municipality.

In the Summer eXpression 2017 project, ten talented artists were chosen to work for six weeks, taking their designs from an idea, to a prototype, to a finished product. The students have collaborated with local businesses specializing in traditional materials, including stone, glass, and wood.

You will find these creative students at Formex in Hall B:

Edvin Wahlström, Stockholm

Celine Strömbäck, Stockholm

Sebastian de Cabo, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Frida Bergner, Östersund

Ida Björses, Stockholm

John Andersson, Sveg

Felicia Hjelmqvist, Lidköping

Johan Björn, Luleå

Marzieh Tangestani (Hiva), Umeå

Moa Gustafson, Karlskrona