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Formex Formidable August Eriksson / Formex Formidable Jury 2017

Formidable 2017 - Vote for your favorite

Announcing the 12 nominees for Formidable 2017!
The Formidable jury nominates approximately 12 products at every August Formex, and both the winning product selected by the jury and the product that received the most votes on Formex’s website (the People’s Choice) are announced during the spring Formex.
Cast your vote and enter the drawing to win a fantastic prize. The winner of the drawing will be announced at Formex in January 2018.

The People’s Choice competition presents an opportunity for the public to vote for their favorite product. All voters are entered into a drawing for a fantastic prize.

How to vote
Chose your favorite product below, enter your information and click Vote. You are only able to vote once, but you have until January 7 to cast your vote.

Vote for your favorite Product here!

Competition criteria

The product must have been exhibited at Formex in the spring or fall of the current year
The product must be new for the year
The product is assessed on the basis of its design
The product must be Contemporary

Who are the winners of the 2017 award?
The winners will be announced at the Formex press breakfast on January 17, 2018.


The jury consists of:
Synnöve Mork, designer
Dan Gordan, editor of Sköna Hem
Kerstin Wickman, Professor of the History of Design and Crafts
Kajsa Falck-Torlegård, Formex
Daniel Svahn, Designer

The objective of the Formex Formidable award is to highlight jury-assessed objects that combine contemporary design and inherent quality and are practical to use. Approximately 10-15 products are selected from exhibitors at Formex, the Nordic region’s largest interior design fair. Two winners are announced: the jury’s choice and the honorary People’s Choice.