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Partions walls

Order, cancel or adapt partition walls

Your exhibition space includes Stockholmsmässan's white-painted partition walls. If you do not need the walls, for example because you want to build your own walls or create a more open space, please let us know. Your Active choice helps us be aware of walls that are not needed. This way we do not build and take down walls that are not being used, creating a more sustainable business. Fill in the form below if you would like to order, cancel or adapt your partition walls. Order and/or cancellation done after December 18, will be charged according to price list.

Please note if your neighbor choses to keep his/her partition walls, there will be walls there even if you cancel your walls.

Our walls

Stockholmsmässan's partition walls are White-painted fiberboard panels and normally have the following dimensions: height 2.49 m, width 1.0 m and thickness approximately 34 mm. The partition walls can only take lighter objects, maximum of 5 kg per meter. The holes in the walls may only be as large as can be painted over after the event. Of course our partition walls can be used to create something creative but note that as the walls are being reused the condition can vary.

You can of course keep Stockholmsmässan's partition walls and build your own walls. You may paint our walls different colors and hang paintings and other lighter objects on them. We charge for ruined walls, for example walls that have been filled, have screw holes or wallpaper or have been painted in a non-approved color. If you wish to have a more even wall that can be used for heavier objects, wallpaper or installation of shelves, we recommend you to order our Expo Wall. This also applies if you would like to paint your walls with a paint glossier than High Finish 5. For an Expo Wall offer please fill in the form that you find here » and we will get in touch with you.

Drawing instructions

If you do not have your own drawing tool, you can use our document, Instructions for drawing, draw freehand, take a photo of your drawing and attach it as a file to the form.


The partition walls will take up space from your stand area. Please contact Event Services about the exact wall dimensions before you build your own stand. Do not forget that Event Services must have approved a drawing of your plans, for example if you plan to build high structures.

Partition walls

On the upper edge of the wall, an electricity supply strip is sometimes installed and cannot be removed. The walls are not appropriate for securing or supporting private stand systems in any way. The outer edges of stand walls are strengthened by support fixtures measuring 1.5 m in height and 0.37 m across the base. Support fixtures have been installed at 4-meter intervals along wall modules. The support fixtures are installed and will be there if your neighbor has ordered a partition wall. This is regardless if you have cancelled your partition walls or not. Other forms of wall support may be used to hold stand walls together, including top and bottom brackets. No supports may be removed without permission from the hall manager. Supports can be replaced by other acceptable solutions. For more information, please contact Event Services or the Service Center during the official installation.

You must remove any staples, self-adhesive pads, tape and similar from stand walls once the event is over. If you do not clear the walls, you will be billed for the time we spend carrying out the work, or for disposal of the wall if it is impossible to restore. A wall is considered to be ruined, for example, by any filling, screw holes, wallpaper or painting with colors that have not been approved by Stockholmsmässan.