Digital stand

Effective follow-up and increased visibility

With FairMate Lead Tracking and Digital Stand
you will have access to two effective tools before, during and after the event. Effective registration and follow-up gives better results and the Digital Stand will give you increased visibility, both from visitors and journalists.

Use FairMate Lead Tracking

Effective follow-up is the key to a successful event and increased ROI, "Return on Investment". With the FairMate Lead Tracking-license you will have access to an effective tool to collect a complete profile of your visitors. With the help of your smartphone you scan the visitor’s badges and register their interest and requests.

Digital Stand – increased visibility gives new opportunities

Use the opportunity to showcase your company online! In the Digital Stand, your company, your product news, your activities and much more will be presented. Everything is gathered, together with all news and activities from other exhibitors, on the event website and app. Your stand will now be easier to find for the visitors that download our app, which among other things,

Price: Digital stand incl one FairMate Lead Tracking-license 1590 SEK