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Here we introduce a number of features that will make it easier for you and your colleagues, both to prepare you for the fair and to follow up afterwards.

With our system you can order both print and digital tickets. You can also easily monitor which customers actually used your invitations.

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Info on how you can invite your customers:

1. If you want to send out digital invitations yourself

- Go into the system (menu item "Order invitations") and order the required number of PDF invitations.

- Under "invitations" you can directly download a zip file with the corresponding number of PDFs.
Each PDF is given a unique invitation code - you then get a pdf per person to be invited.

- Email out the pdf to your visitors, or write out the invitations and send them by post.

2. If you want to help us manage the digital invitations

- Prepare an Excel file where you add e-mail addresses to all visitors who you want to invite (a sample file is in the system).

- Then go into the system (menu item "Invite by email"), enter the desired number of invitations and upload your Excel file.

- If you want, you can enter an email address where you receive information about the e-mails could not be delivered (a so-called "mail delivery report").

- We send out all your invitations via email. Each invitation is given an invitation.

Note that Stockholmsmässan only use these addresses to do the mailing, we save not therefore address with us. They are deleted after mailing.

3. If you want to order printed invitations

- Go into the system (menu item "Order invitations") and order the required number of printed invitations.

- The printer sends them to you and you send out by post to customers.


To make the visitor with your invitation:

- When visitors have received your invitation, they go into the system and register with the invitation code

- The visitor takes with its registered ticket (printed or as pdf on your phone) into the Formex. They go directly through the entry control without having to queue at the registration or checkout.