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Wanted products

Wanted - products

At Formex, talented artists create inspirational exhibitions using products from you, the exhibitors.

For Formex in January, the inspirational exhibitions will be based around the theme, A World of Shapes.
When you email the artists, write the name of the exhibition and your company in the Subject line.

Theme Exhibition LAYOUT
Location: Entrance Hall
Responsible: Saša Antić, Cilla Ramnek, Tina Hellberg and Synnöve Mork

Designer and exhibition architect Synnöve Mork was given the assignment to design a place that is inviting in terms of content, inspiration and knowledge.
Three artists have been invited to create the actual content: Saša Antić, Cilla Ramnek and Tina Hellberg.

For Entrance Hall LAYOUT  Saša Antić
My part will focus on materials, textures and repetition…
I am interested in the following products:
Objects, sculptures, mobiles
Something in plastic
Wooden objects

Contact: Saša Antić, Interior stylist/set design (Write LAYOUT + company name in the Subject line, e.g. LAYOUT/Målerås)

For Entrance Hall LAYOUT  Tina Hellberg
“Sculptural forms, both small and large, in ceramics, glass or other materials are of interest. Both everyday objects and decoration or toys with feet and building blocks. Clear forms and motifs that can be derived from an interest in geometry, artistic compositions and a sense of color. See my color collage for guidance and inspiration about what can be relevant. Textiles, such as fabric by length, roles of yarn and finished products, including towels, tablecloths, napkins, smaller blankets and rugs, smaller furniture, foot stools, benches, cabinets, pedestals and podiums.  Paper products, preferably bunches with colored paper with a nice structure and to some extent prints"

Contact: Tina Hellberg (Write LAYOUT + company name in the subject line, e.g. LAYOUT/Målerås)

For Entrance Hall LAYOUT Cilla Ramnek
Artist Cilla Ramnek will work with the onsite selection. You are welcome to send some of your company’s favorites directly to her in the Entrance Hall during move-in dates. Attach a paper to the objects specifying the company, stand number and contact person with telephone number. 


Workshop Still Life with Visualisterna
Location: A34:28
Responsible: Visualisterna, Tove Castor and Karin Uggla

Forms are the foundation of the spring’s theme.
At the Visualisterna’s workshop, visitors have the opportunity to build still lifes and compete on Instagram. The color scale is inspired by paintings by British pop artist, David Hockney.
Sunny yellow with coral, terracotta, lilac purple, grassy green, light blue and turquoise come together to create a vibrant palette.

We are looking for both hard and soft products, with an emphasis on hard products. Everything from decoration to everyday objects, supplies and office materials to ceramics. We are thinking breadth in both forms and materials, but preferably colored products before natural materials. Focus on form and silhouette!
Preferably several of the same product

Contact: (Write Still Life + company name in the Subject line, e.g. Still Life/Målerås)


Exhibition and Bar MAN KIND
Location: B17:31
Responsible: Rad o Rand, Jan Rundgren

The exhibition and bar environment focus on products for men and the environment will have a darker, dull color scale.
Products for bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, cooking and bars are needed. Also products with hunting and fishing motif, products for fires and grilling, etc.

Contact:Jan Rundgren, (Write Man Kind + company name in the Subject line, e.g. Man Kind/Målerås)


Formex Pop-up Shop
Location: East entrance
Ume Interior, Lisa Karlsson and Soraya Forsberg

As part of its efforts to highlight new products, Formex will once again arrange a Pop-Up Shop. The shop has been a success, and at the fall Formex around 100 exhibitors had the opportunity to display and sell their new products for the season.
The selection at the Pop-Up Shop consists solely of new products that are introduced at Formex in collaboration with Lisa Karlsson and Soraya Forsberg from Ume Interior.

Lisa Karlsson and Soraya Forsberg have worked in retail for many years and currently run uMe Store in Umeå. Soraya has worked as an interior designer and ran a vintage store in Stockholm. Lisa has worked in retail within both fashion and interior design and her efforts have helped her clients win awards at countless galas and gain jury-appointed recognition, such as Best Store of the Year. 

The Pop-Up Shop offers exhibitors the opportunity to sell the new products they have developed for the season. Exhibitors may submit one, five or ten of their new product. Visitors may then buy the product as a souvenir, to give away as a perfect dinner present or quite simply to be the first to have what might be the exhibition’s most talked-about product. View it as an opportunity to test demand for a new product or as an additional marketing channel.

We are Lisa and Soraya from Ume Interior. We are looking for products to wrap presents, and we are planning to have an area where customers can wrap their purchases. Contact us if you would like your wrapping paper to be used here.

The Pop-Up Shop will have the same simple design as before with a good feel for this unique, temporary opportunity. Submission and sales are entirely voluntary, but the team at Ume Interior will decide which products will be available for sale in order to ensure a broad range of new products.

- Contact Lisa Karlsson and Soraya Forsberg Ume Interior at if you are interested.

- The pricing is simple since it will be the same in- and out-prices as for stores. You send invoices for sold products after receiving an inventory list from Ume Interior.

- Ume Interior selects the products, which means that if a product is judged to be difficult to display, bulky, fragile, difficult to value, etc., it will not be included. The goal is to have roughly 100-200 new products from a wide range of Formex exhibitors.

Contact: Lisa Karlsson and Soraya Forsberg Ume Interior,