Design Talents

Design Talents

Design Talents is the area at Formex where independent designers and design groups can both sell their products and display them for buyers, partners, producers and the press/media.

Applicants apply for Design Talents by submitting pictures of their products, a short description of the product concept and a summary of their personal design background. The products should be new on the market but ready for sale. When making our selection, we look at the products in terms of the innovative value of their idea and form and strive for a mix of products within the area.

The area has been constructed to be architecturally exciting and different from the other stands in the hall. Every effort is made to create a strong individual profile that exudes innovation and design. This makes it easy and cost-efficient for individual exhibitors. The stand is ready to use, with a rug, electrical outlet, lighting and the exhibitor’s name in vinyl text on the wall. With the established form and color as a base, each exhibitor is then free to style their space as they see fit.

It is possible to exhibit as an individual designer or as a design group. Exhibitors may participate as a Design Talent maximum three times on the condition that they have new products or developed their products. There is no age limit for applicants.

Price: 5250 sek

1. Fill in the application form »
2. Send us your product images
3. Write a short description of the idea, the process behind your produts and your design background  
4. Send this to
5. Application deadline 8 May 2018