Award-winning interior design store choose Formex

Erica Johansson runs the popular interior design store Majkens Rooms in Vaxjö. For eleven years in a row, the store has been praised as the best in town. Since Erika started running the store, she has not missed a single Formex, in January she made her 32nd visit to the interior fair.

Formex edatorial team asked Erika how she chooses products and suppliers for her shop and how Formex as a platform helps her succeed.


A lot has happened in the interior design industry over the years in terms of trends, collections and material choices, but also shopping behavior. When I buy objects to my store I think of the whole and that I keep a clear style in my store. I would rather work fully with a few suppliers than many brands. My store is color and material coordinated and I have that in mind when in my purshases.

I sell both home decor and fashion at Majkens Room where the clothes are color coordinated with the home decor. It's fun that the fashion agencies also exhibit at Formex and I´ve found very nice clothes for our fashion collection. I also have a smaller children's collection in the store, which is very much appreciated. When purchasing it, I only choose materials from wood, ceramics, cotton and organic bamboo. No plastic and the colors are natural and soft pastels. It is fun that Formex has a large selection of exhibitors with children's collections.

Today, I make most of the purchases with the brands I already work with before Formex. The focus of the fair is to find new brands and collections, but also to get an overall feeling for the season. It is important to have good collaborations with my suppliers and therefore it´s always fun to see them at the fair, talk about interior design, sales, the future and tips on news. These meetings are valuable, they strengthen collaboration, increase creativity and drive yourself and the business forward! Formex lectures are also very inspiring, they create new ideas and a feeling I can pass on to my visitors in the shop.

I get an overall feeling of my purchases when I visit Formex, just as my customers get a feeling when they come to my store. This feeling is more difficult to achieve if you only make your purchases from home online. You also need to squeeze and feel, see the finnish, size, color and texture to make more accurate purchases. At Formex you do the big job and create the expression and collection in the store. Inspiration will be the extra you then offer customers in the store.