Ljusblå bakgrund med vit text media.

The winner of the Best in Show Design Award

Fanny Schönenberg – a gifted designer

“Has an original aesthetic expression that manifests in a range of materials with confidence and an eye for experimentation. Her latest – recycled material in new series. We want to see more!” was the nomination. Fanny is driven by a desire to work with her hands, to see something move from idea to reality, and to explore the interplay between different materials.

Your design?

A consistent feature of my design language is that I like to let different techniques interact with each other. I enjoy creating series where the products are unique, but they still follow a coherent style. Watercolors become fabrics, which become cushions, and so on. My latest creations are recycled ceramics that I hand-paint in cheerful colors to make a series. I’m always curious and love to explore new materials.


The feeling that there are no rules on how to do things, or how something has to look, is a major part of my drive to create. I’m also inspired a great deal by the materials I work with. The process of working with colors often sparks new ideas and techniques.

Most positive?

My big dream is for my design work to reach a wider audience and Formex is a fantastic forum for that. Exhibiting at Formex and meeting people in this industry is a hugely enjoyable opportunity for me! I’m glad I didn’t listen to my inner demons telling me I was too small. You really have nothing to lose by applying.

Next project going to be?

I’m quite keen to work more with furniture, such as tables in glass and armchairs. There will no doubt be a few makeovers of old things, while I also continue to develop my current projects using ceramics, textiles and watercolors.