A tip from Formex - create your own area of color

Kajsa Falck-Torlegård, Operative Event Manager at Formex, created her own area of color at a boring corner in her home that she can repaint as often as she wants to. 

Color and shape are something that Kajsa work with almost every day at Formex and it inspires her even when she comes home. “For me, it always itches in the fingers for new interior design projects, but my home is almost finished now. That's why it felt fun to create a surface where I can really get away with it.”

In the semi-detached house, upstairs, Kajsa has painted a crayon that she can repaint as often as she wants to. “I work on developing the seasonal colors for Formex where I create color combinations in different themes for each new season, so for the most part I repaint the area to test an upcoming trend color. Right now, it is painted in the color "Baby Rose" from Formex trends SS 2020."

The original idea of the area of color was to create something interesting out of a boring corner in a narrow corridor. “Painting just one area, instead of an entire background wall, gives more opportunity to control the feeling you want to achieve. If you paint the area vertically, the ceiling height of the room is accentuated and a horizontal area lowers the ceiling and creates intimacy, an area that runs over a corner creates tension.”

Ljusblå bakgrund med vit text media.

5 easy steps to create your own area of color

1. Measure the area (preferably with a laser). Find a natural line to follow in the room, for example the upper edge of the doorpost or against any furniture to be placed.

2. Tape up the area you want to paint with masking tape.

3. First paint along the tape with the existing color of the room to seal the tape and to prevent the new paint from flowing over the line.

4. Then paint with the color you want to use. Use a small roller on smaller surfaces and it will be easier to work with. Feel free to paint two layers.

5. Pull off the tape and the area are ready. Time for fun - to style. If you then want to repaint the area, you just tape a few millimeters outside, so you do not have to measure again.

Good luck!