Formex Formidable

The annual design award Formex Formidable rewards interesting, qualitative and contemporary design.


The prize was established in 1994 to inspire and encourage excellent design. Each year, 20 designer objects are nominated, and to be qualified for a nomination, the object should be new and contemporary and exhibited at Formex in either January or August the current year.

Formex Formidable consists of a jury award and a People's Choice award where the general public votes for a winner among the nominees.

Winner Formex Formidable 2019

Winner Formex Formidable 2019

Objects: Sauna bucket and ladle in stainless steel 
Company: Tammer Brands Oy
Designer: Harri Koskinen

The jury's motivation: "Modest, functional, straightforward – but with beautifully precise detailing and proportions. The sauna bucket and ladle in stainless steel and birch represent Scandinavian design at its best."

The People's Choice 2019

Formex Formidable 2019

Objects: Sneakers
Company: Skråmträsk
Designers: Asta and Erik Hellgren

The jury's motivation: “A classic with a special twist, using vegetable tanned leather from Swedish cows and lovingly made in Västerbotten. American basketball meets northern Swedish craftsmanship."

Winner Formex Formidable 2018

Formex Formidable 2018

Object: Pleated shawl
Company: Susanne Beskow/van Deurs
Designer: Susanne Beskow

Jury’s motivation: When Susanne Beskow recovers textiles - old shawls - a new, refined and luxurious whole will emerge. Handicraft and exquisite fashion in a unique collection by a designer with a passion for pleats.

The People's Choice 2018

Skeppshult gjuteri

Object: ”Spice” mill
Company: Skeppshults gjuteri
Designer: Carl & Carl

Description: Peppercorn and herbs – never before have we seen the spice mill grind with such a construction in a distinct and determined shape. Heavy cast iron with a smooth expression.

Winner Formex Formidable 2017


Object: broom for outdoor use
Company: Iris Hantverk
Designer: Lovisa Wattman

Jury’s motivation: This impressive broom is the perfect union between function and tradition. A well-balanced tool for the outdoor days of summer – a subduer of all breadcrumbs and leaves. Made by hand by visually impaired craftsmen.

The People’s Choice


Object: double woven wool throw
Company: Eldblå
Designer: Karin Kloth

Description: Ease and warmth in a double woven wool throw that is a dream during cold winters. Straightforward and with no excuses, it shows the massive potential of simplicity and becomes a textile overflowing with Danish hygge.


Winner Formex Formidable 2016

Vinnare Formex Formidable 2016

Object: Collar collection
Company: Stelton
Designer: Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri

The jury’s motivation: Pregnant lines, attractive dimensions and clever form. The collection, which includes a coffee grinder, mocha pot, milk jug and sugar bowl, gives new expression to a traditional Product.

The People's Choice

Vinnare Formex Formidable 2016 Folkets val 
Object: Bowl
Company: Skrufs glasbruk
Designer Carina Seth Andersson                                                                                                          

Formex Formidable 2015 

Vinnare Formex Formdiable 2015 

Object: Silk scarves
Company: Emma Fällman Studio
Designer: Emma Fällmann

The People's Choice
Object: IPA Beer Glass
Company: Orrefors
Designer: Erika Lagerbielke


Formex Formidable 2014

Vinnare Formex Formidable 2014

Object: The Accent thermos
Company: Sagaform
Designer: Gustav Hallén

The People's Choice
Object: Åkerlapp
Company: Växbo Lin
Designer: Note Design Studio


Formex Formidable 2013

Vinnare Formex Formidable 2013

Object: Botan, vase and watering pot
Company: Kristina Stark
Designer: Kristina Stark

The People's Choice
Object: Knitted plaid Banjara
Company: RioRio
Designer: Sofia Bengtson and Maria Broberg


Formex Formidable 2012

Vinnare Formex Formidable 2012

Object: FANNY Vase
Company: Klong
Designer: 3do/Ami Katz

The People's Choice
Object: Canes
Company: Nobaloney ApS/OMHU
Designer: Rie Nørregaard/Allan Zadeh


Formex Formidable 2011

Vinnare Formex Formidable 2011

Object: Grytstapel
Company: Skeppshults Gjuteri
Designer: Torkel Dahlstedt

The People's Choice
Object: Rocking horse
Company: Niklas Bonnevier Design
Designer: Niklas Bonnevier


Formex Formidable 2010

Vinnare Formex Formidable 2010

Object: Lamp ”Luchsia”
Company: Vallentuna armatur och skärmateljé
Designer: Johan Carpner

People's Choice
Object: Candleholders ”Wonderland”
Company: Men at work
Designer: Stephen Johnson


Formex Formidable 2009

Vinnare Formex Formidable 2009

Object: Dinnerware
Company: Rosenthal
Designer: Walter Gropius