Formex Nova - Nominerade 2019

Formex Nova

Kasper Friis Kjeldgaard from Danmark is the winner of Formex Nova 2019. Read more about the winner here.

The design Award Formex Nova is arranged by Formex and Stockholmsmässan, and both the nominees and the winner are picked by a jury.

The criterias are:
- Must live and work in the Nordic region
- Must be under 40 years of age
- Must have a college education or have demonstrated your ability to make innovative, artistic and usable Products
- Must have at least one product in production (private production is OK) or had a product that has attracted a lot of attention or had a product exhibited so that you can be considered to be a professional designer 

The nominees for Formex Nova 2019 are:

Iceland, Theodora Alfredsdottir 
Theodora Alfredsdottir has a bachelor’s degree in product design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts and a master’s degree in Design Products from the Royal College of Art in London (2015). The studio is based in London and she is working with self-initiated projects and also with other designers such as Philippe Malouin and Bethan Laura Wood. 

The jury’s motivation: “Theodóra Alfredsdottir incorporates what approaches philosophical tales into her design. What is an object, what is the meaning of the material and how does the object integrate with the room? Her design process consists of research, physical presence and a strong desire to achieve the original, but also the local. Hence, dig where you stand is her motto.” 

Norway, Falke Svatun 
Falke Svatun grew up in Åsgårdstrand, Norway and graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney 2011 with a BA of Industrial Design. He established Falke Svatun Studio in Oslo 2014. Falke Svatun has received design awards such as 2017 Wallpaper Design Awards: Aerial, 2016 Bo Bedre Design Awards: Newcomer of the Year and 2016 The New York Times' 15 Most Exciting New Designers at Salone. 

The jury’s motivation: ”Falke Svatun expresses himself in sharp minimalism. The results are graphic, elegant, and “nydeligt” which in Norwegian translates to “beautiful.” Its clean design much like a demanding ballet, is a truly balanced act. The jury looks forward to view the luminaires operate, as the lighting bearer they truly are.” 

Finland, Kaksikko Studio
Kaksikko Studio was founded in 2014 by Salla Luhtasela and Wesley Walters. They both studied at Aalto University in Helsinki. They see themselves as ‘formgivers’ before designers, and their process of working with their hands from an early stage has a large influence on the final forms. Besides working on company briefs, they also produce their own designs by hand in small series.

The jury’s motivation: ”An obvious feel for ancient craft in combination with function characterizes a lot in the Finnish design. So does this one. The design duo Salla Luhtasela and Wesley Walters from Studio Kaksikko, which means couple in Finnish, have an obvious place in the Nordic Design Arena. Down to earth and easy to grasp. 

Sweden, Hilda Nilsson
Hilda Nilsson is born and raised in Stockholm but is now based in Copenhagen. She has a Cand.des. from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation and won the award Ung Svensk Form 2017.

The jury’s motivation: “Hilda Nilsson works on the border of engineering and art. She accomplishes a beautiful and interesting symbiosis of ancient traditional craft and contemporary digital manufacturing methods. She has great skill in proving how engineering can enrich traditions. The expectations in terms of her knowledge and experience in chemical materials, along with her talent in art, shows good promise for the future.” 

Denmark, Kasper Kjeldgaard
Designer Kasper Kjeldgaard graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts of Design in 2016. Kjeldgaard’s works has among others been exhibited at Mindcraft in Milano, The Curio – Chart Art Fair and at Patrick Parrish Gallery. 

The jury´s motivation: ”Kasper Friis Kjeldgaard creates sculptural three-dimensionality, with strong expressions in metal and bristles. He has a unique sense for details and material transitions. The creativity flows between art and design. His artistic ability could also be a great asset in the design of everyday products.”

Formex Nova - Hållbarhetsprodukt 2019 - Madeleine Nelson

Honorable mention 2019, Madeleine Nelson
Madeleine Nelson is a Stockholm based product designer and architect with great interest in problem solving and environmental questions. Madeleine has received design awards and honorable mentions from NC Nordic Care, Svenskt Tenn, TreCe, Almi and HRD Carpets.

The jury’s motivation:
Today, sustainability in design is more important than ever. This year’s honorable mention goes to the climate friendly product Regrow by Madeleine Nelson. All of us need to make a commitment to the environment in our lives, and it might as well start in the kitchen. This product gives vegetables continued life and allows it to re-grow over and over. Regrow is both eye opening and genius. But, it’s sometimes the simplest things that are the hardest to reach.”

This year’s jury:

Mats Widbom, CEO Svensk Form
Lotta Lewenhaupt,Journalist and writer
Kerstin Wickman, Professor in Design History
Anders Färdig, Founder and CEO, Design House Stockholm
Alexander Lervik, Designer and entrepreneur
Klara Persson, (Bolon) Design Sweden, suppleant

A new guest member is invited to join the jury every year:
2019 - Anna Holmquist, Folkform


Formex Nova winners

2018    Ragna Ragnarsdóttir (Iceland)
2017    Qian Jiang            (Sweden)
2016    Nick Ross            (Sweden)
2015    Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho    (Sweden)
2014    Line Depping            (Denmark)
2013    Mattias Stenberg         (Sweden)
2012    Mari Isopahkala         (Finland)
2011    Hanna Hedman och Simon Klenell     (Sweden)