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Carve or Starve – A workshop with Täljogram

Come and experience first-hand the joy of creating something from fresh wood at Formex’s Carve or Starve in August. Formex has the honor of welcoming back the guys behind Täljogram for a creative workshop that focuses on wood carving. You will find the workshop next to the restaurant, which serves soup so you can immediately test your carved masterpiece.

 Felix Wink, Ragnar Kierkegaard Suttner and David Richter became friends while playing ping pong at school ten years ago. Today, they run Täljogram together. The company’s mission is to improve the accessibility of carving and introduce the carving of fresh wood to a broader audience. Täljogram does this by providing carving kits and pieces of fresh wood that have been vacuum-packed. Without the vacuum packaging, the wood would dry out quickly, and a hard piece of wood that is difficult to work with takes a lot of the joy out of carving.


The idea came to Felix when he was working as a handicraft consultant. He realized that the skill and possibility to carve in fresh wood are not as easily accessible as one might think. He had already started to experiment with vacuum-packed fresh wood, and he was very interested in helping more people discover the joy, relaxation and satisfaction of creating something with their own hands. And from there the idea of Täljogram was born.

Täljogram is based in Västerbotten, and almost all of the wood comes from their own forest. In their small-scale workshop, they saw and prepare the wood before it is vacuum-packed. The packages are then sent off to new carvers throughout the country.

Test the concept Carve or Starve in August and experience the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands that you can then use in your everyday life. The workshop offers the possibility of carving either a spoon or chopsticks. In addition, Felix, Ragnar and David will hold inspirational demonstrations and share their passion for both the material and craftsmanship techniques.

Formex and Täljogram are looking forward to spreading knowledge about carving in August.