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Design Talents x3

Record number of applicants to Design Talents

Interest in exhibiting at Design Talents, Formex’s platform for new talent, is greater than ever. The number of foreign applications has also increased. This year, 23 designers were selected to participate in Design Talents, which is part of interior design fair Formex’s mentorship program.

Aska is a new design studio founded by Carolina Krupinska and Linus Kjellqvist. At Formex, they will exhibit a series of wall shelving that can be hung both horizontally and vertically.The series originated from an interest in industrial materials that are not frequently used in private homes today. The result shows how perforated sheet metal can be transformed and interwoven into something sensual, soft and beautiful. The shelves are perceived as lightweight, and they add more than just functionality since the content lifts the design. They help set a mood.

"This is the first time we are exhibiting at Formex together. We think it is a fantastic opportunity to reach a new audience, and we look forward to challenging and interesting meetings. Our hope is that the shelves’ form and material enhance one another, and that this creates a strong impression that speaks to visitors.”

Ceramic artist Joanna Günther has a studio in Gustavsberg’s old porcelain factory outside of Stockholm. She describes her work process as exploration into and an ongoing dialogue with the material. She adds pigmentation and lava flakes to the clay, processes surfaces and brings out the roughness, labors with the decor techniques and enjoys pink glazes. The intention of Joanna Günter’s work is to treat the material in an impulsive and experimental way in order to create craftsmanship.

“I am a one-woman factory, and it is not my goal to compete with corporate giants. I turn to clients who have an understanding of and interest in the knowledge as well as the craftsmanship of a ceramic artist.”

HAHA design studio was founded in 2016 by Arash Eskafi, Yu-Ching Chiang and Thomas Torninger. The trio behind the design studio decided early to start a company so they would have full control over the entire design process. HAHA designs, develops, produces and distributes everything itself. The result is a more sustainable cycle and business model, where the studio decides the game rules itself. This creates better conditions and quality for its customers.

“We work with small-scale production, and we personally visit the craftsmen to create our design together. We do not work with furniture producers, but rather manufacture everything ourselves. When this is done, the ambition is to exhibit our design at trade fairs and exhibitions.”

Applicants applying to Design Talents submit products that have not yet been produced by established companies. The same designer is allowed three exhibits in the area, but each must be for a new product. When making its selection, the jury looks at the innovative value of both the idea and the form and strives for a mix of products within the area. Design Talents is being arranged for the 21st time.

Design Talents 2018:

Arts Tape www.linneapuranen.com
Aska www.askadesignstudio.com
Bee Bowen Handcrafted Luxury www.beebowen.com
Bjerkeform www.bjerkeform.se
Frida Clerhage Illustration & Design www.fridaclerhage.com
HAHA studio www.hahasthlm.com
Ingela Djupedal Design https://idjupedal.myportfolio.com
Jochen Lavéno Mangelsdorff www.jochenlavenomangelsdorff.com
Katia Colt Konsthantverk http://kaolin.se/katia-colt
Kayo Aoyama www.kayoaoyama.com
Kristina Rothe http://kristinarothe.com
Miwo Design www.miwodesign.com
Ovrebruket www.ovrebruket.com
PATTERN ME BRIGHT http://patternmebright.com
QiSE www.qise.se
RÔKA Stone wear www.rokastonewear.com
Sara von Ehrenheim http://saravonehrenheim.com
SLOYDLAB www.sloydlab.com
Studio Joanna Günther www.joannagunther.se
SWART www.sannawieslander.com
Täljogram www.taljogram.se
ÄLVIS. www.alvispaper.com