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Lisa Bengtsson

Don't sell stuff - forge contacts!

Lisa Bengtsson creates playful patterns that make you stop and look twice. Today, her colorful designs are sold around the world, but it was first after Formex 2007 that her career gained speed.

“More is more” is Lisa Bengtsson’s motto when she creates patterns. The style of this pattern designer from Småland is far from Nordic and minimalistic. Completely unafraid, she adds strokes of color and humorous motifs. She creates from the heart, and thinks that our Swedish homes are sometimes lacking warmth.

“We need more patterns in our lives. I don’t think it is healthy to live our lives surrounded by white walls. Patterns are good for us and can really change a home.” Lisa’s many drawings as achild were perhaps the first sign that she would become a pattern designer, but it was first during her high school years that she began to think about a career in the creative industry.

This year she is celebrating her ten-year anniversary and runs her own company, Studio Lisa Bengtsson. But it was a long journey; sheworked as an artist, a creator at a local newspaper and an AD at an advertising Agency before she became aware of Bergs School of Communication, where she studied graphic design.

“It didn’t take long before I was known as the pattern-girl in the class. I created patterns for all of my projects, and finally designed a wallpaper for my thesis, which got a lot of attention both at the exhibition and in the media.” Shortly after graduating, Lisa exhibited at Formex Young Designers for the first time; it was then her career as a pattern designer took off. “It was very exciting to exhibit my designs, and it really helped me. It is a dream to be able to work with my passion – even if it is a tough industry that requires a lot of hard work.” Lisa has exhibited at Formex several times since then and believes that Formex presents an important opportunity to network.

Lisa Bengtsson

“Today, you use the Internet and social media to spread your design, so don’t view Formex as an opportunity to sell stuff – think business. That is how you will succeed."

Meet her in stand B06:40 at Formex!