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Formex launches a summer edition of Stockholm Design Week!

In conjunction with the Formex interior design fair to be held on August 21-24, 2018, Formex will head out into the city to arrange a summer edition of Stockholm Design Week.

“We want to enhance Stockholm’s reputation as a destination for design. We believe that a strong design week in August will benefit everyone involved – the industry, the City of Stockholm and the members of the general public who are interested in design. We look forward to being able to invite everyone to a summer week where the entire city will be buzzing with design,” says Christina Olsson, Project Area Manager for Formex.

Formex participated in the London Design Festival in September as part of a partnership between Swedish Design Moves, Stora Designpriset, Visit Sweden and the Swedish embassy in London to promote Swedish design on an international level. Qian Jiang – winner of the prestigious Formex Nova 2017 design award – was chosen to participate in a workshop and display his design in Prototypa, a seven-day series of lectures, workshops and exhibitions arranged by Swedish design studio FUWL, Form Us With Love, at the Somerset House in London.

Formex also participated last week in Umeå Fashion Week, which has been arranged since 2009 and features events at several locations throughout downtown Umeå. Destination company Visit Umeå is responsible for the event together with its members, which include stores, fashion companies and other companies in the Umeå region. Formex and Visit Umeå invited the city’s stores and businesses to a VIP event and held lectures the following day on the Fashion Week’s public stage as well as lectures for design students on trends, sustainability and communication at Umeå University’s artistic forum.