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Guest Exhibition - Icelandic Design

The Icelandic Design Exhibition is a collaboration between Formex and the Iceland Design Centre.

Iceland Design Centre was founded in 2008 and promotes design in Iceland and internationally. DesignMarch is Iceland's largest design event and draws a large number of designers, media representatives and international visitors to Reykjavik, which offers a full schedule of activities. DesignMarch celebrates its tenth anniversary at the next festival, which will be held March 15-18, 2018.

Iceland is a young design nation, but the field of design has blossomed in the past few years and today there are hundreds of people working in the industry and making significant contributions to the country's economy.


The following companies are participating in Icelandic Design exhibition:

North Limited

North Limited is a design collective formed by Icelandic designers Sigrídur Hjaltdal Pálsdóttir and Thórunn Hannesdóttir focusing on classic design with high-quality. This includes both top grade materials as well as the best craftsmanship possible.


At FÓLK we seek to work with progressive designers on smart homeware, furniture and lifestyle products focused on sustainability, responsibility and transparency around the production process. At FÓLK we design for modern sustainable living.

Dögg Design

The work of Copenhagen based Icelandic designer Dögg Guðmundsdóttir is driven by the deep passion for her Nordic roots and traditions. Combining traditional materials and crafts with industrial production techniques, Dögg products are characterized by tactility, contrast and a high degree of sensual originality.

Studio Berlinord

Our conceptual work has the goal to create design that has a unique story to tell. Different materials and forms can be combined randomly for an individual composition of shapes. The Flying Cups consist of reclaimed porcelain cups from European flea markets - elevated to a new level of functionality.


TAKK means thank you in Icelandic. It is a powerful word, full of gratitude and is widely used in our daily lives. We have so much to be grateful for and our lives are full of TAKK moments.