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Sandra Asplund

What is Asplund inspired by?

The fair in January will be Sandra Asplund´s 45th or 46th Formex. So, without hesitation, she have developed a certain routine.

For me, it’s important to see everything there, so as to give me an overall view of the market and all the new trends. Then I go home and evaluate everything in peace and quiet before deciding what to order. We’re quite a small store and don’t have space for so much, so it’s important to really choose carefully so that it feels hand-picked for us. I’m inspired by opposites and styles that are dierent from our own. I get my ideas from seeing how others make use of things in dierent styles. At Formex, I buy a lot of seasonal product, such as for Christmas and the gardening season. I can often immediately see what’s going to be a bestseller, but sometimes I’m wrong too – amazing things that don’t sell for reasons I don’t understand. I oftentimes end up buying such items for myself.

- Make a round in the morning and then use your lunch break for an initial evaluation. The Formex lunch restaurant is very good. The only downside is that the line can be long. They should have at least one more restaurant!
- Take in the whole thing, and then evaluate.
- Invest in what really stands out in terms of form and quality.
- Don’t forget to check the inspiration exhibits carefully.
- Bring an extra battery for your phone.
- Wedge-heel shoes are the best for trade fairs! They’re both stylish and comfortable. I find flats terrible to walk in!

It’s also cool finding new amazing designers at the fair. It can often take a few years before they are mature enough to sell. It takes time for the masses to adopt new things, especially innovative things. I make a practice of keeping in contact with the designers for a while before I take on their products. Unfortunately, young designers are often inexperienced in knowing how to present themselves commercially, for obvious reasons. Is it art? Can it be ordered? What should the product be used for? Exhibiting is an art that takes time to learn. Formex’s own exhibitions have become very refined and more inspiring. It’s important to be inspired but at the same time to keep a cool head. It’s easy to be grabbed by something, because the inspirational can also be seductive. For me, it’s essential to invest in quality rather than quantity.”