Masters at Formex

Masters at Formex

Together with the National Crafts Council, Formex is shining the spotlight on Sweden's strong tradition of craftsmanship. At the new area Inspiring, four female masters and journeywomen display their skills in furniture restoration, tiled stove making and decorative painting.

We asked one of the four female masters, Pernilla Blixt - a furniture restorer with her own firm, Mäster Blixt Möbelrestaurering, in the Hisingen district in Gothenburg - to tell us a bit more about the challenges, most fun assignment and what she will be showing at Formex. 

One of the greatest challenges of the job, according to Pernilla, is that the furniture that comes to her has had many overly ambitious owners who made amateur-like “improvements.”
"I have to spend a lot of time figuring out what was done to the furniture, which requires knowledge about materials, chemistry and history. It is faster to renovate a chair in small pieces that no one has touched than a chair that has been glued together with the wrong glue."

Your most fun assignment?
I recently received two old desks where the customer said that I could do whatever I thought was suitable, and I decided to do as little as possible to preserve the lovely patina. It’s always fun when the customer bestows you with their trust."

Any favorites in terms of era and style?
It depends on my mood, but often it is more fun the older the furniture is. Working with baroque and rococo furniture is fantastic, as when I got a beautiful bureau made by the 18th century master Johann Jacob Eisenbletter. It was fantastic to be able to work with a piece of furniture made by another talented master."

What will you be showing at Formex?
How I work with chair braiding, which visitors can also try, and how to work with veneer. The most important reason for participating in Formex is to share with people why furniture restorers exist and what the profession entails. I would also like to convey the ethics behind restoring furniture, that it is about doing as little as possible so the furniture can tell its story."

Visit masters at Formex August 20 - 23 - Retrieve your ticket here!