AKI lamps

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AKI – an ancient object reimagined for our changing world

Enchant your customers with AKI glass oil lamps – timeless pieces that combine beauty, functionality and
spirituality, enabling you to tap into the latest self-care and wellness trends.
Handmade in the Czech Republic, AKI lamps are a contemporary take on a vessel that has held symbolic
meaning across different cultures and traditions for thousands of years. They blend pure, simple forms with
shimmering colours and suit a wide range of décor styles and settings, but they’re about much more than
aesthetics. They become part of everyday rituals, bringing light, comfort and calm into our complex, fastpaced lives
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  • AKI earth brown

    AKI earth brown An ever green colour is the warm brown, suitable for all nordic interiors.
    From the True collection this AKI lamp is available in small 250 ml and large size 750 ml Länk till produkten »

  • Sapphire blue is a perfect touch of coulor in neutral interiors

    Sapphire blue is a perfect touch of coulor in neutral interiors The deep shade of AKI Sapphire blue is a bold details that suits neutral interiors giving a vibrant styling touch.
    Available in small and large size Länk till produkten »

  • For ever green

    For ever green Forest green is one of the most loved colours for our AKI oil lamps.
    A dark deep shade that can be used all year long.
    Available in small and large size and in the starter set (small lamp) Länk till produkten »

  • The beauty of Crystal clear mouth blown glass

    The beauty of Crystal clear mouth blown glass We generally think of glass as a smooth, cold, colourless surface that is totally impermeable and unchangeable. A material that lets through only light and heat, while insulating us from everything else.
    But its beauty lies in its special relationship with light both clear and with colours.
    Using a material like glass evokes transparency and lightness that AKI features in a durable oil lamp ergonomically shaped to fit your palm with a modern smart design that prevents the lamp from overturning. Länk till produkten »

  • AKI with a Christmas touch

    AKI with a Christmas touch For the Christmas season we have a special limited edition of glod and silver painted AKI.
    With their mat finishing they can be suitable for many other festive occasions Länk till produkten »

  • AKI Starter set

    AKI Starter set Perfect for any autumn winter presents the starter set has all you need to enjoy your oil lamp! Länk till produkten »

  • Christmas AKI set

    Christmas AKI set For the upcoming Christmas season we prepared a gift box where you find 2 AKI lamps: gold and silver, the lamp oil, matches, funnel and replacement wicks to get started during the holiday season! Länk till produkten »

  • Seasonal colours

    Seasonal colours AKI offers a great selection of colours and finishing that suits many different styles and settings. You can combine sizes and colours to enjoy classic scandinavian style, muted neutrals or fresh colourful seasonal combination. Länk till produkten »

  • AKI as scent diffures

    AKI as scent diffusers The modern geometrical and at the same time intriguing shape of AKI with its variety of colours and finishing can be used as container for fragrances. Easy to wash and clean you can use AKI in multiples way.
    Discover the 2 scent we selected in the special set in partneship with Olivia Fragrances. Availables to pre-oder for mid September deliveries

  • Soft mat coloured glass

    Soft mat coloured glass AKI BARK from our MISTY collection our tribute to sustainable decorative objects. We try to think each time we have to commit about sustainability. With this collection we discovered that making a small extra finishing on the second quality lamps was leaving a lighter footprint than recycling them straight forward in the melting pot to fuse them and blow new lamps. In fact, with this new recycled production process you need to fuse the glass using energy, to use manpower to blow the item again, to use cooling air to fix the shape and water to cut and polish it.
    Allthough glass is a highly recycable material for an infinite number of times we decide to unveil new beauty from imperfections Länk till produkten »


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AKI lamps

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