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Specialists in well-being and the art of living for 30 years, Aromandise, a Franco-Japanese family business located in Montpellier, offers a wide range of natural scents: resins, incense sticks and cones, candles, incense holders and diffusers... inspired mainly by Asian cultures.
The whole activity is designed with active respect for ecology and social and cultural equity.
Aromandise has been gaining experience for three decades, resulting in a unique know-how due to a rare proximity with its producers located in the four corners of the globe.

The company, which lists more than 500 references, is the leader in France in organic shops specialising in natural incense, and also in various grocery segments, such as Japanese teas.

The main customers are chains and shops specialising in organic products, garden centres, gift/decor shops, self-help bookshops, department stores specialising in well-being and culture, etc.
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140, rue des Walkyries ZAC Parc Eurêka 34000  MONTPELLIER Frankrike