Our sustainability award

For several years, Formex has raised issues around sustainability, including in our talk programs, and we know that these are issues that deeply engage many of your exhibitors. It is our wish that Formex should be a platform where you can share and learn from the best examples in the industry. We believe getting recognition for efforts made is important and to be encouraged to take further steps. We often get questions about what activities or areas we have where sustainability issues are raised. Therefore, we are very happy about this competition and award. The Sustainability Award was launched at Formex in January 2023. The next award will take place in January 2024.

Formex Sustainability Award
Formex Sustainability Award is a competition, where exhibiting companies or designers compete to win the Formex Sustainability Award. Those nominated by the jury are marketed via Formex channels including press and PR and in an exhibition at Formex. The winner will receive, in addition to the award, a unique glass sculpture designed by Marie-Louise Hellgren, a pioneer in circularity and upcycling with over 30 years of experience in the industry, as well as 10 square meters of exhibition space, including the registration fee, at the upcoming Formex.

The sculpture is hand-blown by Glasbolaget in Bro, a glassworks located north of Stockholm, founded in 2016 by Ammy Olofsson and Erika Kristofersson Bredberg. In 2022, it was named the "Form Carrier of the Year" by Svensk Form Stockholm. The glassworks utilizes residual gas generated at the nearby Ragn-Sells (a waste disposal site) landfill site in Högbytorp. Recycled glass screens, primarily supplied by Reijmyre glassworks, are also melted in the glass furnace.

The jury consists of:
Marie-Louise Hellgren, designer
Emma Olbers, designer
Maria Soxbo, journalist
Björn Florman, founder of Materialbiblioteket
Kajsa Falck Torlegård, Formex

How do I participate?
Exhibitors at Formex during the most recent implementation submit their application themselves. We welcome all initiatives, big or small, old or new.

Apply now!

You who are an exhibiting company or designer and participated at the fair in January 2023 or August 2023 have the opportunity to apply for the Sustainability Award. The application is open until October 13 and the winner will be presented during the Formex fair in January 2024 »

Winner of the Sustainability Award

With the justification "A neat way to encourage recycling and create atmosphere in our homes without the aftertaste of either fossil industry, animal waste products or rainforest destruction" Remoair with its refills for scented candles, became the winner of the first Sustainability Award 2023! Check out their products here »