Do business and make connections at Formex

Why should you exhibit at Formex? What does it mean to exhibit, and which visitors can you expect?
Formex is a meeting place where visitors from all over the world gather twice a year to do business, browse through hundreds of new products, listen to inspiring lectures, meet like-minded people and get the absolute latest in trends and news.


Formex visitors
At Formex you will meet national and international buyers, agents, wholesalers, importers, designers, producers and media from the entire interior and gift industry.

48% of the visitors at Formex have purchasing authority
51% of the visitors responded that they found new suppliers at Formex that they would not have otherwise done business with
Formex visitors came from a total of 52 different countries

Visitor profile 2024

In our visitor profile (PDF) you will find a summary of Formex's visitors during the fair in January 2024.

Download the visitor profile

To exhibit at Formex - Step by step

1. Choose which booth option is best for your business
2. Contact our sales staff to book your stand
3. Prepare yourself and think out a goal for your company's participation at Formex
4. Promote your participation
    - Invite your customers
    - Use your social media to tell about your participation


"We have exhibited at Formex twice a year, almost every year, since Lindform was founded. Mainly to meet existing customers and to meet new customers. The best tip for new exhibitors is to think about the sound, a stand with nice lighting makes that your products arrive even better." - Lindform

Mrs. Mighetto

"We were very happy to sell in the Formex Popup shop. A nice way to double exposure. Many people came to our stand after seeing our books in the shop. Best tip is not to be afraid to show your existing range. In normal order works well, "do your thing" well, don't look too much at everyone else. Also set concrete goals for what you expect from the fair." - Mrs. Mighetto


"The fact that Formex starts twice a year and that the fair is held in Stockholm is a big advantage in our relationship building with the customer. Our showroom is in Västergötland so it is fantastic to be able to meet so many of our customers in the same place at Formex. We always send out entrance invitations to our customers. If you choose to book a meeting with us at the fair, we will also send you a free ticket."


"We see Formex as the start of sales before each new season! In our large stand, customers can meet employees, eat and drink well, and take part in our unique concept that can make their sales take off. It is important to do solid preparatory work with invite customers, we contacted all customers by phone before the fair. We also sent out a number of newsletters with information, upcoming news and our various fair offers." - Happynest

Larssons Trä

"Formex is the best platform to reach out to our gift customers. We receive orders directly at the fair, which means that we also get black and white how to set up our production. Since 1985, we have exhibited twice a year and precisely at the spring fair, many of our foreign customers are visiting." - Larssons Trä


"Don't have too high expectations for immediate results, don't count orders during the fair, you have to work with many contacts during several fairs and you often get orders further down the line that are linked to Formex. Give out as much material as you can to everyone, and where not afraid to talk to people, both visitors and exhibitors, it contributes to many good tips and great friends." - Yvelis

Sales Team Formex

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