Are you the next design star?

Formex Design Talents

Design Talents is the area at Formex where designer talents get the opportunity to be seen and display their products for buyers, parthers, producers and press/media. 

When you register your interest, you must send product images and a short description of your idea. The products must be new to the market and ready for sale. You are welcome to exhibit as an individual designer or as a design group at up to three fairs.

Apply for Design Talents

Application is now open to Design Talents August 2024! Welcome to apply.
The deadline to apply is Sunday, May 12 »

Stand information

If you get selected to Design Talents, you will get a stand at the fair. The stand is ready upon arrival at the fair, with carpet, electrical outlets, lighting and the exhibitor's name in vinyl text on the wall. Based on the basic shape and color, each exhibitor can freely decorate their stand (6 square meters) as they wish. The registration fee is SEK 2,195 excluding VAT and stand rent is SEK 5,795 excluding VAT. You will only be charged if you are selected to Design Talents.


When selecting for Design Talents, we look at the products based on news value in terms of idea and form, as well as getting a good mix of product types at the fair. The department is built in an architecturally exciting way that differs from the other stands in the hall.

Best in Show in January 2024!

Our jury selects a winner for Best in Show - a design award for the designer who excels a little extra out of all the design talents. The winner in January 2024 was Studio Madelen Möllard. Check out her Instagram account here »

Get inspired by the selected Design Talents that was exhibiting in January 2024: