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Next Step

Next Step is the area at Formex for designers who are at a relative early stage in their establishment.

Either you have exhibited as a Design Talents previously and are moving on to Next Step in the process toward a “regular” stand or you are  a designer in an early stage of your establishment taking your first step as an exhibitor.

The stands have the same design and come equipped with: A rug, electrical outlet, name of the exhibitor in vinyl text on the stand wall and two spotlights. The goal is to create a shared expression in the area and simplify participation for the individual exhibitor.

You will have the opportunity to design your own stand and are free to choose other alternatives, such as the rug and wall color, but at your own expense. It is possible for you to exhibit as an individual designer or as a design group. An exhibitor may participate in Next Step a maximum of three times. The number of spaces is limited.

The application for January 2020 opens shortly.

Other stand options:

Design Talents is the area for independent designers and design groups.

For information about a regular stand, please read more here »


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