Create visibility in Formex channels

Do not let potential buyers miss your collection release. Take the chance to reach out to Formex digital network and followers. 

Now you have the opportunity to expose your business/products/collections through Formex. We offer you visibility in Formex newsletter, social media and website.

5 reasons why you should promote your products in Formex channels: 

- Formex is the Nordic region’s largest meeting place for business and inspiration in interior design
- Opportunity to reach more than 47 000 followers on social media, approximately 200 000 visitors on and to a wide number of buyers, store owners and other stakeholders through newsletters. 
- Effective platform to market your products and your company
- An opportunity to expand your market and network globally
- A platform to present new designers and brands

What our followers are interested in
- News within Formex product areas: Scandinavian Living and Dining, Lifestyle Living, Upcoming, Kids & Giving, Paper & Packaging, Garden & Lifestyle Living, Tasting. Read more here »

- Craftmanship, sustainability, locally produced and organic products
- Product news, collection releases, trends

Target group/demography:
86% women
14% men

The largest group is between 26-54 years old
56% Swedes
15% the rest of the Nordic countries
29% the rest of the world

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