The international creative trend bureau Carlin created a unique exhibition for Formex

During Formex, the international trend and content agency Carlin entered Stockholmsmässan’s Entrance Hall with their Retail Hub exhibition. The aim was to both inspire and offer new insights to exhibitors and visitors by highlighting the latest themes in retail, such as sustainability, the growth of e-commerce and the interior design industry’s need to restructure in response.
Carlin was the world’s first trend agency that was founded to provide the fashion and textile industry with trend intelligence, and it currently has a presence in 25 countries. The Retail Hub exhibition, which they have created for Formex, considers subjects such as the relationship between physical and digital retail a hot topic for the event’s visitors and exhibitors. It was also based on Carlin's ongoing studies of new consumer’s habits and the new generation of consumers, who differ radically from older generations that grew up before the digital revolution.
"Today's consumers are much more interested in experiences" says Virginie Morouvin. "Shopping is no longer enough, Consumers want to be able to do and experience several things simultaneously, and at a time that suits them. This is what we mean by hybrid. Stores and brands need to offer an experience that functions seamlessly between the website, e-commerce and the physical store and provide much more than just shopping. The store is a place where people also want to experience other things - such as eating, working, socializing, playing, enjoying art and culture, communicating in social networks.
The exhibition contained two physical sections. One with objects, selected and curated by Carlin's creatives. The second one was a lounge where Formex's visitors could meet, work, catch up, have a coffee and a bite to eat in the café. Also, for the first time in Formex’s history, there was a store at the Entrance Hall – POPIN@RETAILHUB.