Cozy Living introduces Bahne

For the first time you can see the Danish brand Bahne in Sweden. Cozy Living is showing off the fine range in its stand during Formex in January.

Bahne is a leader in Denmark in interior, design and fashion and has three different brands Bahne Interior, Margit Brand and Gorm's. In 2019, Bahne won the international Gia Award for "retail excellence" and received the prestigious award at the GIA gala party in Chicago.

Bahne Interior
The brand "Bahne" is the commercial partner that offers complete collections in wellness, kitchen, tabletop, trend and seasonal products. The individual collections are created as a universe that solves the entire category and can be supplemented continuously.

Margit Brandt
Erik and Margit Brandt have a strong history in the fashion and interior world. The couple was world famous in the 70's and 80's when the brand Margit Brandt went on to win the world over. Starting from Margit and Erik's life, the collection has a strong DNA - an international lounge and hotel style combined with prints and designs from the treasure chest of Margit Brandt's dash through the years. Bahne has been collaborating with Margit Brandt for over 15 years and the Margit Brandt Home brand has been an important part of Bahne's inner universe ever since.

Pizza King of Denmark, with the heart in the right place! Gorm's renewal of pizzas in Denmark has so far culminated in a chain of restaurants where the experience of a pizza restaurant is new and exciting. In collaboration with Gorm, Bahne has developed a collection focusing on everything to use in the home to make a delicious pizza. All products have been designed, tested and worked out by Gorm himself.

Visit Cozy Living and Bahne in stand A11:10 and A11:11.