Lasting relationships - DBKD

Karin Dahlin, founder and designer at DBKD shares her experiences regarding inviting customers to Formex and the importance of lastning relationships.

The past few years, DBKD has taken the interior design world by storm with several iconic products, such as the on-trend pot series Cloudy designed by Hanna Wessman. DBKD’s business concept revolves around finding a place for creative and unique design. Karin has been an exhibitor at Formex since 2007 and with DBKD since it was founded in 2012.
At Formex January 2019, DBKD won Formex’s exhibitor competition as the exhibitor who invited and generated the most visitors. Karin Dahlin Gunterberg, founder and designer at DBKD, was really pleased about the recognition; as the prize, a marketing package in Formex’s channels, offered the possibility to reach an even wider audience. “We have focused on inviting customers this way for the past year, so it is hugely rewarding to see that our efforts have generated results,” says Karin.

Formex Highlights

DBKD sends written invitations to their customers through the mail before every Formex, and trade invitation to the fair are always included. “If the customer opts to book a meeting with us at the fair, we also send the customer a complimentary ticket.” DBKD believes that it is incredibly valuable to be able to meet its customers at the fair since this offers the company an opportunity to display new products and receive immediate feedback about how products are selling. Meeting with the buyers, who are the interface with the end customer, is one of the major reasons why it is important for DBKD to participate in Formex. “We like to create long-term relationships, and many of our customers have been with us from the start. We are very grateful for this,” says Karin.
Both the fact that Formex is held twice a year and that it is located in Stockholm is considered a major advantage when building relationships with customers; DBKD’s showroom is located in Västergötland, which means some customers may find it difficult to come visit. This makes Formex the perfect meeting place for the company. “Being able to meet so many of our customers in one place is fantastic,” says Karin.