Design Talents

Design Talents is part of Formex's mentoring program and a fantastic platform for future design talents who have the opportunity during the fair to showcase their products to buyers, partners, producers and press. Each year, Formex receives a number of exciting applications, of which 19 talented designers have been selected.

One of the exhibitors in January is Johanna Grahn Hollström. Her pottery can be described as spiritual and the designs are inspired by shapes of nature. Johanna also exhibited during the fair in August, which resulted in her products being chosen for Li Edelkoort's large inspirational exhibition.


Lisa Daisy, designed by Lisa Andersson, is a new design talent for this edition of the fair. Posters are the main product, but she also has other products such as mobile cases, trays, pillows and a calendar that will remind the user of her inner everyday strength. Lisa's ambition with her creation is to infuse inner power to the viewer.

Here are all Design Talents at Formex January 14-17:

A Matter of Form, B12:32
Amnon Lipkin, B13:32
Anna Wadle Keramik, B14:36
Apelock Solar Powered Bags, B13:31
Artefakt Stockholm, B12:37
Bounir, B12:32 
By Johanna Grahn Hollström, B11:38 
Bright stuff AB, B10:33
Everyday Design, B13:34
Josephine Skapare, B11:32
Lisa Daisy, B12:36
Ljungbyljung Ceramic, B14:34
Lykkidesign, B11:35 
Maliang Studio, B14:38
Nakol art, B12:38
Planticum, B10:37
Retach, B12:35
The Shoelace Brand, B12:34
Uddås Design, B13:35