Meet Formex Design Talents

Design Talents is a platform where designers get the opportunity to be seen. Here, thousands of buyers, producers, press and visitors usually gather and discover Scandinavian design, new innovative design solutions and sustainable products from designers and designers. At Formex in August, 16 upcoming designers would have exhibited via Design Talents and met future collaborators and retailers. However, due to Covid-19 and the restrictions that now apply to public gatherings and public events, they will instead appear on Formex digital channels and are welcome to exhibit at the fair in January. Below you will find all selected talents.

One of the selected design talents is Emma Ljung. A designer who went from working in an office to making pottery. Now she runs a shop and pottery workshop in Småland with handmade ceramics with elements from nature.

When Katarina Billman, the designer behind Stegen Stige, moved to an apartment with high ceilings, an "ugly" construction ladder was left behind and after a while, she began using it like furniture to unload things on. That's when the idea of creating multifunction furniture started to emerge. Stegen Stige, is a regular ladder, but when not in use, it can be used as a shelf.


The Design Talents for Formex 2020 are:

Ateljé Grotesk STOCKHOLM -
Jessica Lindbom - 
By Vallen -
Urberg Design -
Bosse och Ester -
Flora-L Design - Pattern by Nature
Meimei Montan Design -
David Sjöberg Design -
Karl Lind Design -
Bright stuff -
Nousatelier -
Miss Oxford Design -
Stege Stige -
Amoln -
Christian Gardö
ljungBYljung ceramic -