Theme day - Sustainability

How can science help us make the right decision? How can we inspire people to change and what kind of collaborations will be required to create a real impact? For the theme day Sustainability, Formex, together with Elin Larsson, have gathered leading lectors and experts in sustainable retail, materials and circular services.

Moderator of the day is Elin Larsson - adviser and lecturer on sustainability and circularity. Elin founded the company Elco in 2018 and worked as sustainability manager for Filippa K before that. During the theme day Sustainability, she and the speakers on stage will highlight the importance of collaboration between science, industries, competitors, customers and each other. Exchange experiences and challenge traditional ways of doing business.

Note that all the lectures are held in Swedish.

Sandra Roos, Rise - How should companies think and act in terms of sustainability and what is extra important for textile materials?
Sandra is a PhD researcher in the field of life cycle analysis and chemicals in textiles. She has primarily worked to produce measurable data on the environmental impact in the textile and value chain.

Glenn Mattsing, CEO Sculpture - 3D printed furniture with pledge
On a rowing expedition around Svalbard, entrepreneur and biologist Glenn Mattsing discovered plastic garbage on some of the world's most remote islands. It became the starting point for the company Sculptur, which is currently building the world's first large-scale 3D printer designed to produce design furniture from recycled materials.

Sofia Wood & Elsa Billgren - Decorate with vintage - Inspiration as a tool for lustful change
Elsa Billgren has been running a blog since 2008 about her love for vintage, decoration and family at ELLE and in 2019 she was named influencer of the year at the ELLE gala.

Sofia Wood has a background in the fashion, art and design industry. She also has a passion for food, and this year released her very first cookbook, "Chez Wood - a cookbook for everyday life, rest and party".

Maria Sandow, Svensk Handel - How will retail cope with the climate?
Rarely has retail and consumption been debated as extensively as on Black Friday and Christmas 2019. Maria Sandow, a business policy expert in the areas of sustainability and fashion at “Svensk handel”, talks about how retail faces challenges regarding both climate and globalization.

Sebastian Rubenstam, Beleco - An “Airbnb for Furniture” that challenges the entire furniture industry
Beleco connects furniture manufacturers, decorators and logistics to a smart circular and digital service. Sebastian talks about Beleco's journey and how they have taken a position in a market where users no longer want to own.

Erika Rydja, Marketing Manager, Interface Northern Europe - Climate Take Back - The step after Mission Zero
Interface, today the world's leading manufacturer of textile floor tiles, began its sustainability journey 25 years ago. The goal was ambitious, by 2020 the company would eliminate its negative impact on the environment. The sustainability promise was called Mission Zero.

Helena Dhorfh, Kemii - Sustainability requires a chemical check: Make demands on your suppliers!
In addition to setting demands on suppliers, they will highlight the conflict of interest that may arise between phasing out dangerous chemicals and society's desire to increase recycling. They also want to encourage companies that want to go beyond the minimum requirements.

Panel Discussion Swedish Wool led by Elin Larsson
Did you know that 70% of all Swedish wool is thrown or burned today? To change that, this fall, some people joined together and launched the first sweaters through a collaboration between Filippa K, Röjk, Norrby farm, the Swedish sheep breeding association and more.

During the panel discussion, you can listen when the brands and sheep experts tell you about their journey, their vision for the future and why the Swedish wool is so fantastic.

Jodi Everding, Filippa K - Fabric and trim manager and sustainability coordinator
Filippa K is a Swedish fashion brand focusing on style, simplicity and quality.

Yann Betros, Röjk - Founder and designer at RÖJK Superwear
RÖJK is a Swedish company with a focus on sustainable outdoor clothing

Claudia Dillman, Swedish Fåravelsförbundet - Member of the Wool and Skins responsible for the Swedish Fåravelsförbundet. Project Manager for the Vinnova Project Circular Woolen Clothing.