Accounts to be inspired by

Are you staying home at the moment and want to find some new, wonderful accounts to follow? Or do you just want some new inspiration in your Instagram feed? Here, Formex editors have collected some accounts that they cannot get enough of right now.

Sophia Bratt

For stylist Sophia Bratt, no work day is like another. It can be anything from creating moodboards and project sketches to looking for props in unexpected places or styling a forgotten attic. Sophia finds inspiration from the art, a time era, nature and much from Italy, France and the Nordic countries, but above all people.

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Hannes Mauritzson

Hannes spends his days taking photos, edits, write texts and analyzes material, both for his own channels and customers. Inspiration for his feed comes from his colleagues on Instagram. His best interior tips are: It's OK to let your home take time, you shouldn't follow all the trends that pop up and dare to mix and match!

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Linnéa Salmén

Stylist Linnéa Salmén, has her base in a studio at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. She mostly draws her inspiration from the fashion world and its interesting color combinations and patterns. Before each job Linnéa imagine a fictitious person who could live in the environment she then creates.

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Frida Ramstedt, runs and is the author of "Handbook in interior design & styling". One of her tips for your home is: "Get to know yourself. It's the key to everything. Today we look at others so much. Spend a little more time listening to your own needs and trying to understand what brings you a cozy feeling at home ".

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AO Interiors

Alexandra Ogonowski wants to tell a story through materials and objects. It is important to create a whole that tickles all the senses, it's not about having the right armchair or lamp, it is more important to get a personal feeling in a room environment that makes you feel comfortable. Photo: Jonas Ingerstedt

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Emma Elwin

Emma Elwin, co-founder of Make it last gives us her best interior tips: “If you are looking for something for home, always start at auction sites or Blocket! There, you will find so many nice things and often for half the price. Invest in design classics, if you ever get tired of them, chances are you will get a lot of money back! "

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