Johanna Grahn Hollström - a design talent in ceramics

Johanna Grahn Hollström, is one of the designers who exhibited as an Design Talent during Formex in August 2019. She specializes in ceramics, and she is inspired by the shapes of nature. After the fair, she has a new collaboration and will sell her products at a store in Stockholm.

About you

I work as a designer and sculpture in stoneware clay. I do everything by hand in my studio at home in Gustavsberg and use various techniques such as ringing, modeling and as well as working with printing molds.

Your ceramics

In my work the creation and the end product itself are equally important. The driving force is the passion for the formulation of ideas. As a designer, I work a lot with inspiration from nature, but abstract and create my own interpretations, my own forms. I want you as a viewer to have a sensory experience, a feeling when you look at my sculptures.

Why Design Talents?

I applied to Design Talents to reach out with my ceramics to a larger target group and find new sales avenues. With Formex Design Talents, I have received a lot of attention and reached out to the media in a way that I probably would not have been possible otherwise.

About the fair

The fact that I got to participate in the big inspirational exhibition by Li Edelkoort made a big impact, both medially and also that visitors visited my stand after seeing the exhibition in the entrance hall. During Formex I also got in touch with a very exciting store, which I am very happy to start working with shortly.

Your tips

Design Talents is a fantastic platform for reaching out to dealers and making contacts. Not least, I would recommend taking the time to talk to other exhibitors and creators and exchange experiences. I came home with so much inspiration and joy after Formex.