Kueen and Statement by Lann with the collection Bloody Awesome

During Formex in January, the two brands Kueen and Statement by Lann showcased their first joined collection, saluting periods. The Bloody Awesome collection features scarves and kimonos in 100 percent silk with menstruation and uteruses inspired designs. At the same stand, visitors could also experience a giant tampon and a large uterus.

About your design

Our collection, made by Karoline Lenhult (Kueen) for our platforms, is about breaking taboos and patterns by simply creating new ones. Both visual and behavioral patterns. We want you to stop being ashamed and instead salute menstruation as well as everything else that is part of being a woman.

Why Formex?

We wanted to show our collection and talk about the subject on which the collection" Bloody Awesome" is based, which is "Shaming periods". We should be proud to be women and what comes with it. Even blood.

Mest positivt?

Det var väldigt positivt att Formex vågade lyfta frågan som vi driver. Vi har långt kvar innan vi har slagit sönder stigmat helt men vi tycker att vi gör en viktig insats som lyfter frågan till ett designforum. Vi fick en massa pepp för vår fina monter och vår kollektion. Alla tycker att det är viktigt och det är skönt att höra. Att vara mensaktivist och snygg på köpet är ingen motsättning!

A success story

We did not only show designs created from an important subject, together with the collection, our stand contributed to a dialogue with the visitors. In some cases it worked like a therapy corner. So many women who have felt shame for their periods or other things that are taboo with women's body opened up and ventilated in our stand. That’s when you can talk about "design with a purpose" which is key for us.

Your tips

Prepare yourself well by sending out press releases. Think of the stand as an experience more than a place to sell. Give visitors something to talk about, if possible something unique. Build the story of your brand, but also think: "Kill your darlings. Often you try to put in far too much. Instead, pick the best parts that best represent you.

About Kueen and Statement by Lann

Behind the Kueen brand (Queen with K) stands designer Karoline Lenhult, who creates fashion accessories with a passion for designs and telling stories. The key in style is a combination of daring maximalist and playful elegance. Always with a story that she is passionate about as a base. Karoline is also a "period expert" and has worked with SCA for 15 years making the brand Libresse.

Statement by Lann
The brand is run by period activist Terese Lann. My period is awesome is her platform for projects that fight period poverty, together with other period activists in South Africa, Namibia, Uganda and Rwanda. Since the period taboo also exists here, the jeweler brand Statement by Lann was born. The "The Menstrual Equity Collection" collection is jewelery in precious metals with the purpose of getting menstruation to reconcile with their periods. The next step in breaking the stigma around period became #menssäkrad. A project that, together with companies and schools, aims to normalize pads and tampons in public bathroom environments.