Little Matters Formex

Little Matters – one of the Design Talents from Formex August 2019

In 2019, the textile and furniture designer Anna Karin Cedèrus founded Little Matters. A Swedish brand who creates child room products using OEKO-TEX certified cotton. Everything from handmade play mats to pillows and wall-hangings. At Formex she was also one of the exhibitors in the Design Talents area this August.

Why Design Talents?

For me it was obvious to apply for Design Talents. The opportunity to exhibit in an environment where the latest in Swedish design is being displayed felt like a very good stepping stone. It was also nice having a complete stand, being able to put all the focus on how the products would be exposed.

Most positive?

All visitors and my fellow exhibitors. I got an incredible response to the products and the stand. Before the fair, I didn't really know how Little Matters would be received, but it was clearly beyond expectations. In addition, the community among all exhibitors in the area was nice, we shared experiences, tips and ideas.

What do take with you?

Little Matters has received great feedback from both bloggers and visitors. When I think back to last fall, that I was sitting in my studio cutting cotton threads, sewing soft animals and pillows in strange shapes, it feels like an incredible success that I have now, just a year later, reached out with a finished collection and also been mentioned in blogs like and magazines like Elle Kids.

Your best tips?

Try to have fun. Take the opportunity to make contacts in the industry, talk to and get to know potential customers. I think it is important to remember that many purchases are made after the fair, so that you will not be disappointed if you do not sell the lot on site. Formex means very good exposure, for me it has been a really good start.