Design Talents Spring 2020
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Meet the design talent Emma Ljung, ljungBYljung ceramic

From an office job to handmade ceramics. That’s the journey Emma made when she started thinking about how she would create a more enjoyable everyday life. Now she runs her own shop and pottery workshop in a beautiful 1920s house in central Ljungby, Småland. During Formex January, she was one of the 19 design talents that showcased their products to thousands of buyers.

Tell us about your design

I design and make all my ceramics myself, for most of them I use the wheel and some are hand-build. I love vibrant, yet earthy colors and shapes, which is reflected in my glazes. I love the art of craft, going into myself, working undisturbed and just create.

A success story?

I worked in an office but did not like what my everyday life looked like so I began to think about how I could create a life I love and enjoy. Once I found an education in Skåne and later a location for a store, most of it fell into place. I got in touch with a fantastic photographer and at the same time I did some different marketing jobs and the pictures of my ceramics began to spread. Then it just kept on going.

Positive during the fair?

I met new retailers that I didn’t have contact with before, met other designers, craftsmen and people from the industry, with both similar challenges and successes.

Tips for upcoming Design Talents

Take the chance! Network and have fun!