News Expo

Products are being sought from all Formex exhibitors for News Expo.

A new feature at Formex is that in the entrances to the halls visitors will be welcomed by inspiring exhibitions that showcase a selection of the new products they will find in the stands within that hall. There will be four News Expo exhibitions in total, two in the entrances to Hall A and two in Hall C.
Every business gets the chance to include one new product in the exhibition in the hall where its stand is located. If you wish to include more products, you will pay SEK 1,000 excl. VAT for each additional product. 
This guarantees exposure to all businesses, and the products will be displayed in an attractive way by designer and stylist Jan Rundgren.

How it works:
Please send an image of the product(s) you’d like to include in News Expo to Jan Rundgren by January 10 at the latest. 

Please deliver your product(s) to the exhibition in the hall entrance closest to your stand. The delivery deadline is 11 am on Monday January 17. 
At the exhibition, there will be a form for you to complete and submit along with your product(s). 
All products should be delivered unpackaged and should be collected after 5 pm on January 21. Please note that any uncollected products will NOT be shipped back to you. 

Please email an image of your new product no later than January 10 to: