Design Talents 2020

Design talent Planticum at Formex

For the first time, Trisha, who runs Planticum, exhibited at Formex in the area for Design Talents. There, thousands of buyers, future partners and media could discover Planticum's closed ecosystem, which is being built by hand.

Tell us about Planticum

We combine plants and decor into small miniature worlds that live inside the closed glass bottle. The ecosystem symbolizes our earth, which hopefully raises thoughts about us humans and our role in the large ecosystem. The message behind the craft is to nurture humanity, in turn, to take care of plants and wildlife.

Why Design Talents?

We exhibited through Design Talents to reach new people and appear on a new platform, as well as network with other design talents. But also to find new potential collaborations, be inspired and develop our product and offer.

Most positive?

All new customers who contributed to sales. Mainly from those who represented parts of Sweden that we would not otherwise have reached, which has led to a discussion regarding possible transport solutions to be able to deliver to the whole country. We also got in touch with a well-known company, which placed a large order.

Your best tips?

Plan well in advance and prepare your stand with a well-thought-out concept that you can proudly stand in and tell us about your product and the idea behind it. It's easy to focus a lot on the product and forget about everything else. Be prepared with business cards and brochures. Take advantage of the wall behind to turn your surface into something unique.