Reborn in Color

Reborn in Color grew out of the idea of creating bedding with the same high quality and solid craftsmanship as in the past but adapted for our time. Just as the name suggests, vintage fabrics get a new life through restoration, customization and recoloring. Reborn in Color makes beautiful colorful bedding. Their new product, a quilt in 100% recycled down, is nominated for the design award Formidable 2019. 



About Reborn in Color?

We are a group of passionate people in Stockholm and Paris, active in art, fashion, photography, design and music. With extensive experience in textile production and durability in textiles.

Your products?

We currently have three product categories. Newly made sheets and pillowcases in 100% organic cotton. Unique vintage products, given new life through restoration, customization and where the fabrics are dyed in gentle and environmentally conscious processes. A quilt in 100% recycled down, sewn in mineral and plant colored cotton.

Why Formex?

As a first-time exhibitor, I would say that contact with press was the most rewarding for us, but of course first contact with some new customers. For us it was also very positive to be nominated for Formidable and to be part of the Li Edelkoort exhibition. This meant that we got many more who came past us than we think it would have come otherwise.

Formidable 2019

The jury´s motivation reads: "Most things can be used and reused. Such as discarded duvets and quilted jackets whose filling has been picked out and now fills duvets in the softest organic cotton. A product reborn for our time."

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