The future of customer meetings in retail

On Tuesday at Formex, the topic of Retail and the most up-to-date topics of retail is discussed. During the slogan, maxed-out customer meetings in the new retail world, lecturers from various industries tell us about how customer meetings change as more companies move their online trade / structural transformation.

It is the industry magazine Market, which has a look at the latest in retail, which holds the day and several well-known profiles and lecturers share their experiences. Today's first lecturer is Lotta Eriksson, Deputy CEO of Daymaker. She talks about the potential of the personal customer meeting and that a customer who feels welcome is shopping more. Then Fredrik Palm, CEO of Desenio, describes how to create accurate customer meetings and customer experiences in the online store. Don't miss when Lars Welin, commercial editor at Market, presents how the retailers look at the customer meeting. The three recesses are linked together in a joint exciting panel debate.

During the theme day afternoon, Magnus Ohlsson, retail expert, will tell you how strong customer experiences in store and online build both loyalty and brand.

Then author Annika R Malmberg tells how shop sellers should navigate as the digital marketplaces grow. Håkan Lundstedt, CEO of Synsam Group, tells all about the battle in the store and how to always start from the customer and how optics is a lifestyle. The day concludes with a panel discussion on customer meetings of the future.