Theme days at Formex - Branding with PRV

How can the importance of a strong brand affect your business in a rapidly changing industry with conscious consumers? This is how Formex, together with the PRV, the Norwegian Patent and Registration Office, described the theme day, Branding, for the fair in August. Now at Formex in January, the success is back, with focus on the value of intangible assets such as trademark, design and copyright.

The PRV's overall mission is to equip Sweden's companies to become more competitive. To get there, more knowledge about the value of companies' intangible assets is needed. For example, it may be their trademarks, trade secrets and customer registers.

“Success is achieved through conscious management of these intangible assets. That is why it is important for us to participate in Formex. During the fair in August we talked to over 700 visitors and exhibitors, which felt absolutely fantastic and we hope to reach even more now in January”, says Anton Blomberg, Patent and Registration Office.

Formex Highlights

On three of the theme days during Formex, external partners have the opportunity to convey industry-relevant issues and invite leading experts. During the theme day Branding, PRV invited Peter Hedin, specialist in piracy issues and Johan Nordlund, lawyer, digitization expert and trend forecaster.

“The frequency of visits to our stand increased by about 30% during our theme day at Formex August, which I think shows that the audience was curious about and wanted to know more about the topics that our industry-knowing speakers communicated from the stage. Therefore, through our collaboration with Formex, I believe we can get more companies to make conscious decisions about their business, which will lead to more competitive companies,” concludes Anton Blomberg.

Here are part of the program for the day. Note that all the lectures are held in Swedish.

Peter Hedin, specialist on piracy issues "The pirates are constantly finding new ways – we have to be prepared."
Peter travels all over the world to talk about and work against piracy. He will talk about the negative effects piracy creates for our Swedish companies. How does piracy really strike Sweden and the world? So do what you can to reduce the risk of being exposed.

Johan Nordlund, lawyer, digitization expert and trend pioneer.
“Who owns the design of the future? Will 3D printers help or steal tomorrow's design? "