Winner of Design Talents Best in show award 2022

Interview with winner Svea Barone

Svea Barone was awarded the "Best in Show" prize at Formex Design Talents in August. It is a competition for unestablished Swedish and international designers who get the opportunity to show off their products. Svea grew up in Sweden and Italy, with an extra love for crafts and, above all, flowers.

Tell us about your design!
- I create unique lampshades adorned with fabric flowers for all types of environments, private and public. From the bedside table to the hotel lobby.

Where do you find your inspiration?

- The inspiration for my flower screens can come from a warm summer day, when the sun sparkles through the curtains and you wake up with almost a feeling of butterflies in your stomach, or that I hear a nice song in the car on the way to work, a lovely scent during a forest walk or just from cool impressions during a shopping spree in town.

Most positive about your participation at Formex?
- All the nice treatment I received from both visitors and other exhibitors, in addition to the fact that I actually won Formex Design Talent 2022! A completely crazy indescribable feeling and something that I never even dared to dream about.

Winner of the Sustainability Award

With the justification "A neat way to encourage recycling and create atmosphere in our homes without the aftertaste of either fossil industry, animal waste products or rainforest destruction" Remoair with its refills for scented candles, became the winner of the first Sustainability Award! Check out their products here »