Designer Valdís Steinarsdóttir

Valdís Steinarsdóttir is an Icelandic designer. She graduated from the Iceland University of Arts in 2017, specializing in product design. She works as an independent designer, mainly focusing on material experiments by recycling organic material. With her projects she hopes to bring societal change and open up a platform for discussion and debate. Valdís was nominated for the Icelandic Presidential Innovation Award, an award-winning project in Paris Design Forum.

For Valdís project Bioplastic skin, she has invented a biodegradable packaging for meat made from the skin of the animal itself and in the Horsehair project she have used the hair from horses to make a rooking chair and slippers. In the project Just Bones she has developed a strong, natural material from animal bones, which is similar in strength to a MDF board.

Parts of animals are often considered to be a byproduct in the meat industry but in her project she show that it´s possible to utilize the whole animal. By exploring familiar materials from different perspectives, new opportunities for utilization can be found.


The jury’s motivation

Design that focuses on material experiments and finding unique solutions to social and environmental issues. Through Valdís projects, she wants to have an open discussion with the audience about social changes through design.