Vy Design – one of the Design Talents from Formex August 2019

In a small studio in Umeå, Mahlin Järvholm, Vy Design, creates her geometric products. Two of these, the Supernova candlestick and the Loop fixture, were shown at Formex in August 2019. Mahlin chose to exhibit via Design Talents, a division of Formex that focuses on helping new design talents to showcase their products to buyers and the media. We asked four questions to Mahlin about Vy Design and how it is to participate in Design Talents.

Your design?

My interest in visualization and communication through creative creation has permeated my entire life and expressed itself in graphic design as well as interior design and clothing design. The products on display at Formex Design Talents in August 2019 were candlestick Supernova and luminaire Loop.

Your philosophy?

Vy Design's style is characterized by a pure design language. The desire to give the viewer a sober but at the same time content-rich experience is present in every article. Practical functionality, environmental awareness, aesthetic ease of access and peeled beauty are of great importance in the creation process.

Why Design Talents?

Design Talents is a phenomenal platform for new designers to have the opportunity to showcase their products to retailers, buyers, producers, media and press. If you have succeeded in being selected, it is a huge advantage in the fight to reach out. The commercial light shines a little extra on your company and products during the exhibition days is extremely valuable for the future design work going forward.

Your best recommendations?

Invite people to conversations when they pass your booth. Don't be shy and cautious but dare to take space in a nice way. More contacts and business will be brought in, so be sure. And one more thing: Put on nice shoes. There will be many hours in the booth.

Apply for Design Talents 2020

The application for Design Talents 2020 has opened. Do as Mahlin Järvholm and take the opportunity to showcase your product to the industry and buyers at Formex in January.

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